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Published in 2019:

Haas, C.; Thumser, P.; Tuhtan, J. A. (2019).
Rivers 2.0 - Transforming Rivers into Digital Landscapes Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Hydrolink, 1, Drone Special, 13-15, IAHR. Link to publication, download (4MB)

Costa, M. J.; Fuentes-Pérez, j. F.; Boavida, I.; Tuhtan, J. A.; Pinheiro, A. N. (2019).
Fish under pressure: Examining behavioural responses of Iberian barbel under simulated hydropeaking with instream structures
PLoS ONE, 14 (1). Link to publication, download


Published in 2018:

Fuentes-Pérez, J. F.; Eckert, M.; Tuhtan, J. A.; ferreira, M. A.; Kruusmaa, M.; Branco, P. (2018).
Spatial preferences of Iberian barbel in a vertical slot fishway under varaible hydrodynamic scenarios
Ecologic Engineering, 125, 131-142. Link to publication

Dewitte, M.; David, L.; Kampa, E.; Coeck, Y. (2018).
Le project FIThydro: une initiative européenne pour une hydroélectricité durable et respectueuse des poissons
Le Houille Blanche, 4, 77-79. Link to publication

Pander, Joachim and Geist, Juergen (2018).
The Contribution of Different Restored Habitats to Fish Diversity and Population in a Highly Modified River: A Case Study from the River Günz.
Water, 10 (9), 156-169. Link to publication

Fuentes-Pérez, J. F.; Silva, A. T.; Tuhtan, J. A; García-Vega, A.; Carbonell-Baeza, R.; Musall, M.; Kruusmaa, M. (2018).
3D modelling of non-uniform and turbulent flow in vertical slot fishways.
Environmental Modelling & Software, 99, 156-169. Link to publication, download, article in TUT official repository

Tuhtan, J. A., Fuentes-Perez, J. F., Toming, G., Schneider, M., & Schletterer, M. (2018).
Ein Fisch ist kein Punkt: Analyse von Strömungssignaturen in Fischaufstiegsanlagen mit einem Seitenlinien Sensor. 
WASSERWIRTSCHAFT-STUTTGART-, 108(2), 48-53. Link to publication, article in TUT official repository

Tuhtan, Jeffrey Andrew, et al. (2018).
Man-made flows from a fish’s perspective: autonomous classification of turbulent fishway flows with field data collected using an artificial lateral line. 
Bioinspiration & biomimetics, 13. Download, article in TUT official repository


Published in 2017:

Egg L, Mueller M, Pander J, Knott J, Geist J (2017)
Improving European Silver Eel (Anguilla anguilla) downstream migration by undershot sluice gate management at a small-scalehydropower plant.
Ecological Engineering 106; 349–357. Link to publication

Mueller M, Pander J, Geist J (2017)
Evaluation of external fish injury caused by hydropower plants based on a novel field-based protocol.
Fisheries Management and Ecology, 24, 240-255. Link to publication

Pander J, Mueller M, Knott J, Geist J (2017)
Catch-related fish injury and catch efficiency of stow-net-based fish recovery installations for fish-monitoring at hydropower plants.
Fisheries Management and Ecology, 25, 31-43. Link to publication

Schwarzwälder Kordula, Abo-El-Wafa Hany, Rutschmann Peter (2017)
FITHydro-Projekt untersucht Auswirkungen von Wasserkraft auf die Fließgewässerökologie.
WASSERWIRTSCHAFT  Technik - Forschung - Praxis. Link to publication

Schwarzwälder Kordula, Abo-El-Wafa Hany, Rutschmann Peter (2017)
FIThydro – neue Ansätze und Bewertungen für das Sedimentmanagement als Bestandteil der Betriebsstrategie an Wasserkraftanlagen.
WASSERWIRTSCHAFT  Technik - Forschung - Praxis. Link to publication