In the Alpine Region, research is conducted at 6 Test Cases and 3 countries

Freudenau, Austria

At the Test Case HPP Freudenau, operated by VERBUND, fish movements, swimming behaviour and orientation cues are investigated.
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Altusried, Germany

At the Test Case HPP Altusried, operated by LEW, the ways fish are finding the downstream entry of the fish bypass channels is being studied.
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Altheim, Germany

At the Test Case HPP Altheim, operated by UNIPER, the available habitat structures are investigated, improved and monitored.
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Günz, Germany

The Test Case Günz consists of 5 consecutive HPPs, operated by LEW. At the HPPs, compensation habitats, especially as spawning habitats and habitat for reophile fish species, are being investigated to upgrade the ecology of strongly channelized rivers.
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Bannwil, Switzerland

At the Test Case HPP Bannwil, operated by BKW, downstream fish migration measures and turbine passage are investigated by means of field and numerical studies.
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Schiffmühle, Switzerland

At the Test Case HPP Schiffmühle, operated by LKW, various aspects of upstream and downstream fish passes, downstream habitat and sediment transport are being investigated.
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