Coordinators Office (CO)

The CO is the intermediary between the parties and the European Commission and will be responsible for overall project coordination and supervision, including all scientific and technological activities. He will provide strategic guidance and devises changes in scoping and focus of different scientific tasks and guarantees continuous information flow and interdisciplinary exchange between the work packages and specific tasks.

Project Office (PO)

The PO assists the  CO with the day-to-day running of the project and the financial management according to the tasks out- lined in WP7.

Case Study Management Board (CSMB)

For the management of the case studies a Case Study Management Board (CSMB) is established consisting of the CSMB leader and the local case study leaders for each region (TUM, IST, CNRS, ETHZ, SER) and SJE, EV -INBO, AF, BEW, BKW, HIDROERG, IC, LKW, FCO, SAVASA, STATKRAF, UKW, VERBUND, VOITH ans SWECO who maintain good relationships with local stakeholders at each study site.

Steering Comittee (SC)

The Steering Committee consists of the Coordinator and all work package leaders. The work package leaders can also be represented by their co-leaders. The Steering Committee shall prepare the meetings, propose decisions and prepare the agenda of the General Assembly.The Steering Committee shall be responsible for the proper execution and implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly. The Steering Committee shall monitor the effective and efficient implementation of the Project.

External Experts Advisory Board (EEAB)

An External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) consists of highly qualified representatives of science and politics appointed and steered by the Steering Committee. The EEAB shall assist and facilitate the decisions made by the General Assembly. The EEAB provides feedback, advice and guidance to the main elements of the FIThydro work and the avenues used to exploit our re- sults. The members of the EEAB are: Colin Bean (Scottish National Herit- age, Scotland), Martina Bussettini (ISPRA, Italy), Chris Katopodis (Katopodis Ecohydraulics Ltd., Canada)