Spreading innovation – showing FIThydro innovative technologies at Cool Tools for Science

Maria João Costa and Isabel Boavida from IST were present at the Cool Tools for Science event that took place in the Champalimaud Foundation R esearch Center to show the iRon (Lateral Line) tool from our partners from Tallin University Jeffrey Tuhtan and Juan Fuentes-Pérez. The tool has been used in FIThydro project both, in field cases and laboratory flume with some interesting results.

The aim of the Cool Tools for Science event is to share new tools, methods and devices, to spread what exists and make it available to others. The event gathered a sound basis group of scientists presenting cool tools, some of which related to fish tracking. While most of the presentations were on biomedical sciences, from diagnosis to data analysis, the iRon presentation had a very positive feedback from the audience, with a lot of interesting questions.

This was the first edition of the Cool Tools for Science but the idea is to have it in a yearly basis. It was a great opportunity to show the advantages of iRon tool to assess what triggers fish movements.

Isabel Boavida from IST with the iRon tool

Isabel Boavida (IST)
Picture rights: Isabel Boavida, IST – CERIS