#TitleLead DateLink
D8.1NEC - Requirement No. 11 - TUM30-Nov-16Confidential
D7.1Project Management Plan1 - TUM31-Dec-16Link to Deliverable
D6.2Website1 - TUM28-Feb-17Link to Deliverable
D7.2Communication Strategy among the partners1 - TUM30-Apr-17Link to Deliverable
D6.3Communication & Dissemination Strategy1 - TUM30-Apr-17Link to Deliverable
D7.7Planning and organization of the different board meetings1 - TUM30-Apr-17Link to Deliverable
D6.1Development of a Corporate identity1 - TUM30-Apr-17Link to Deliverable
D7.3Set-up of a data and file sharing platform1 - TUM31-Oct-17Link to Deliverable
D8.2A - Requirement No. 21 - TUM31-Oct-17Confidential
D7.4Project Management Plan First Revision1 - TUM28-Feb-18
D6.6Press release for dissemination1 - TUM30-Apr-18
D7.6First phase progress report1 - TUM30-Apr-18
D7.5Project Management Plan Second Revision1 - TUM28-Feb-19
D7.8Second phase progress report1 - TUM30-Apr-19
D6.7Stakeholder event for dissemination1 - TUM30-Apr-19
D6.5Plan for dissemination and exploitation of the project's results1 - TUM31-Oct-19
D7.9Third phase and final progress report1 - TUM31-Oct-20
D6.8Publication and press release for exploitation and dissemination1 - TUM31-Oct-20