Lead DateLink
D1.1Metadata overview on fish response to hydropowerWP113 - EV INBO31-Oct-17Executive Summary

Deliverable (2 MB)
D5.1Review of policy requirements & financing instrumentsWP511 - EI31-Oct-17Executive Summary

Deliverable (4 MB)
D1.2Risk classification of European lampreys and fish speciesWP11 - TUM31-Oct-18Executive Summary

Deliverable (1 MB)
D2.1A List of solutions, models, tools
and devices, their application range on a regional and overall level, the identified
knowledge gaps and the recommendations to fill these
WP23 - CNRS31-Oct-18Executive Summary

Deliverable (29 MB)
D4.1A classification system for methods, tools and measures for
improvements measures
WP48 - SER31-Oct-18Executive Summary

Deliverable (6 MB)
D2.2Working basis of solutions, models, tools and devices and identification of their application range on a regional and overall level to
attain self-sustained fish populations
WP23 - CNRS30-Apr-19Executive Summary

Deliverable (35 MB)
D1.3Fish Population Hazard IndexWP16 - FVB.IGB31-Oct-19Executive Summary

Deliverable (2 MB)
D3.1Guidelines for mortality modellingWP31 - TUM31-Oct-19Executive Summary

Deliverable (5 MB)
D3.2Tools for fish behaviour assessmentWP312 - SJE31-Oct-19This deliverable is confidential
D4.2Functional application matrix for identification of potential combinations of improvements measuresWP48 - SER31-Oct-19Executive Summary

Deliverable (2 MB)
D5.2Stakeholder feedback on tools and products of FIThydroWP511 - EI31-Oct-19Executive Summary

Deliverable (2 MB)
D5.3Public acceptance of alternative hydropower solutionsWP511 - EI31-Oct-19Executive Summary

Deliverable (1 MB)
D1.4Cumulative Impact AssessmentWP110 - UHULL28-Feb-20
D5.4Decision support system integrating technical solutions and guidelines from WP2 and 3, cost-
effectiveness from WP4 and social/political aspects from WP5
WP511 - EI28-Feb-20
D4.3General cost figures for relevant solution, methods and toolsWP48 - SER30-Apr-20
D4.4General strategies to optimize production under given environmental restrictions or measures that influences production schedulesWP48 - SER31-Aug-20
D3.3Guidelines for fish behaviour assessment at HPPsWP32 - IST31-Oct-20
D3.4Enhancing and customizing technical solutions for fish migrationWP35 - ETH Zürich31-Oct-20
D4.5A set of general applicable effectiveness measures for solutions, methods and tools implemented
to improve fish sustainability in regulated rivers and a cost/effectiveness matrix for a set of combined solutions, methods and tools
WP48 - SER31-Oct-20
D4.6Overview of relevant information on cost/ effectiveness in regard implemented and possible measures to maintain or improve sustainability of fish population in the selected case studiesWP48 - SER31-Oct-20
D4.7A cost effectiveness matrix for the selected case study rivers and a similar matrix for potential new hydro power schemes of
different characteristics
WP48 - SER31-Oct-20


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