The FIThydro European Stakeholder Workshop on Fish-friendly Hydropower took place on 28-29 January 2020, in Brussels. It served as a platform for consultation and exchange between FIThydro scientists, policy-makers and technical experts working on the assessment of impacts from hydropower plants and the planning of mitigation measures

Approximately 70 participants attended the workshop and 26 speakers gave wide-ranging points of view. 16 different European countries with representatives of various stakeholder groups including national administrations and agencies, European associations, scientists, NGOs, operators and fisheries associations, were represented.

Thomas Schlecker from DG Research and Environment, Jeanne Boughaba from DG Environment and Johan Kling from the Swedish Agency of Marine and Water Management started of the workshop with their talks on challenges and opportunities for hydropower.
(picture rights: © Ecologic Institute)

The objectives of the FIThydro European Stakeholder Workshop were to:

  • Present and discuss FIThydro outputs and conclusions, which are relevant for the stakeholder community, with emphasis on impact assessment and planning of mitigation measures for hydropower plants.
  • Gather & discuss feedback of stakeholders on the value of FIThydro decision-support tools and technical solutions for more fish-friendly hydropower.
  • Exchange experiences on solutions & methods applied so far and on key remaining challenges for assessing impacts and identifying suitable mitigation measures for hydropower impacts on fish.

The workshop was an interactive event including a mix of plenary sessions and parallel discussion groups relevant to risk assessment and decision support tools for hydropower plants as well as technical solutions for key hydropower impacts. The parallel discussion groups addressed relevant FIThydro tools and outputs and also reflected on relevant activities in European countries.

Valuable feedback was provided by stakeholders on the benefits of the decision-support tools and technical solutions for fish-friendly hydropower, which were presented by FIThydro.

Collecting feedback on FIThydro tools during the discussion groups.
(picture rights: © Hany Abo El Wafa, TUM)

In the following months, the scientific work of FIThydro will be further developed and completed by October 2020. The FIThydro project will continue to inform and exchange with the stakeholder community.

In the meantime, you can find further information, such as the presentations, on the workshop’s event page or directly download (2.5 MB) the Summary Report of the European Stakeholder Workshop on Fish-Friendly Hydropower.

Lea Berg (TUM)
Picture rights top picture: Ecologic Institute