On June 20th, FIThydro participated in the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), organised by the European Commission, Europe’s biggest event dedicated to sustainable energy policy and use with the theme “Shaping Europe’s Energy Future”.

With 90 policy sessions, 100 networking activities and over 3200 participants, the EUSEW brought together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and international projects to promote initiatives for more renewable, clean, secure and efficient energy production.

Participants of the EUSEW could visit us at the Energy Fair in the Residence Palace in Brussels to learn more about our project and the different aspects of sustainable hydropower production. In between discussions, many visitors took the opportunity to participate in our sustainable hydropower quiz and test their knowledge on hydropower, its impacts and possible mitigation measures as well as the public’s perception of it.

The Energy Fair was a great opportunity to interact with visitors, from policy makers and EC officials to members from other energy projects and the media, exchange ideas and get their opinions about our project.

Lea Berg (TUM)
Picture rights: TUM