In March, researchers from the FIThydro consortium and SafePass/HydroCEN (Norway) met in Zurich, Switzerland, for a two-day workshop on the development of fish migration technologies, hosted by the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW) of the ETH Zurich. The Workshop provided a great opportunity for the participants from different fields and projects to share their research and experiences, foster networks and explore future collaboration opportunities.

Discussion topics included the use and effectiveness of different fish guidance structures and fish monitoring practices at Swiss, French and Norwegian hydropower plants as well as fish turbine passage. Ideas about methods for numerical investigations of mitigation measures were exchanged and the value of hydraulic modelling for developing migration solutions were discussed.

Participants of the workshop explored some of the discussed measures in practice during a tour of the VAW laboratory and an excursion to the FIThydro Test Cases Bannwil and Schiffmühle. The workshop also provided opportunities for the three projects, Safepass, Hydrocen and FIThydro, to showcase their work and investigate the possibilities for expanding their collaborations in future projects.

Presentation of numerical modelling of FIThydro Test Case hydropower plant Bannwil in Switzerland and tour of the VAW laboratory, where fish guidance structures and tracking systems are developed.

Lea Berg (TUM)
Picture rights: VAW, ETHZ