June 24-27. 2019, Trondheim, Norway

Sixth Steering Committee (SC6),  and fourth General Assembly (GA4)


Location: Trondheim, Norway
Meeting Dates: June, 24 - 27.2019
Host Organization: SINTEF
Venue 1:
(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
GAMLE ELEKTRO room: EL 6, Floor 1 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
7034 Trondheim
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Maze Map link (shows precisely where to go on campus)
Venue 2:
(Monday SC Meeting and Thursday Evening)
SINTEF Energy (Monday SC Meeting and Thursday Evening)
Sem Sælands vei 11, 7034 Trondheim
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(Deadline: 01.05.2019)
Link to Registration
(Update 21.06.2019)
Please find final program here
Attendance: Steering committee (WP leaders only) on 24.06.2019 from 09:00 till 18:00

All partners are required to attend on 25.06.2019 from 09:00 until 26.06.2019 at 18:00

Some partners would attend on 27.06.2019 to take part in a "Risk-Based Decision Support System" worskshop and an “Effectiveness of mitigation measures” Workshop (Please check "workshop information" section below)

Workshop information Please check the information below about the two workshops and let the workshop organizers know if you would like to contribute to the workshop(s) based on your field of work/expertise. Other participants would be selected by the workshops lead organizers and would be informed in follow up emails. For more information, please contact the contact persons mentioned below.

1 “For the workshop on the "Risk-Based Decision Support System" we would like partners with experience in hydropower licencing and planning of mitigation measures for fish in rivers affected by hydropower to attend. We are looking for a mix of partners with regulatory, scientific and operational experiences.” Contact: Richard Noble

2 “For the workshop on the "Effectiveness of Mitigation Measures" we would like persons with experience in implementing mitigation measures for fish in rivers affected by hydropower and/or those who have experience in monitoring or evaluating how they work or their success to attend.” Contact: Atle Harby

Recommended Hotels: 1. Radisson Blue:
Kjøpmannsgata 73, 7010 Trondheim

2. Thon Hotel Trondheim:
Kongens gate 15, 7013 Trondheim

Practical information Please find the document on How to get there, Social Activities and other informationhere

Contact Information Host and organization:
Atle Harby
Ana Adeva Bustos

"Risk-Based Decision Support System" workshop:
Richard Noble
"Effectiveness of Mitigation Measures" workshop:
Atle Harby

Project management:
Hany Abo El Wafa


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