Several partners of FIThydro were present at the Hydro Energy & Sustainability Conference in Grenoble, France, this week. Robert Boes, ETH Zürich, presented the FIThydro project and received a very good perception. Different talks from TUM, SINTEF, CNRS, and ETHZ showed results from the project and were helpful in getting new stakeholder contacts.

Different companies showed interest in the results and proposed to share some feedback on the different mitigation measures. Diverse initiatives for developing new projects in Europe were shown, such as the project Hydropower, addressing the next needs to be solved. Invitations for participation to the final FIThydro stakeholder workshop in Brussels were sent to the operators and other stakeholders.

Julie Charmasson (SINTEF) presenting her work on a hydropeaking assessment tool and Laurent David (CNRS) talking about fish passage technologies for small to medium HPPs.

Laurent David (CNRS)