Hydropower, Fisch and River Connectivity Twitter Conference #HydroFish2020, 20th October 2020

We are excited to announce the Hydropower, Fish and River Connectivity Twitter Conference #HydroFish2020! This is an opportunity to learn about hydropower, fish and river connectivity in an online setting from the comfort of your home, your office or field station. Early Career Researchers from across Europe will present their research in the interconnected field of hydropower, fisheries, ecohydraulics, hydromorphology and aquatic ecology. HydroFish2020 is meant to encourage communication and collaboration in a way that is cost free, easy to follow and allows for multi-stranded communications. HydroFish2020 will take place on 20th October 2020.


HydroFish2020 is a virtual conference on hydropower, fish and river connectivity that takes place on Twitter.



You can join as a presenter or as a participant. Presenters give talks via a series of tweets.



The conference takes place on the 20th October 2020, 09:30 - 16:30 CEST.



See the rules and guidelines of #HydroFish2020 and useful tips for presenting.


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What is a Twitter conference?

A Twitter conference is a virtual conference that takes place on Twitter, in this case under the hashtag #HydroFish2020. Just like a regular conference, HydroFish2020 will feature both keynote and research presentations, but the talks will be delivered as a series of Tweets under the conference hashtag. Presenter are given 20 min. each to present their research in a Thread of max. 10 Tweets. The audience can then interact with the presenter by commenting and asking questions.

By following the conference hashtag #HydroFish2020 the Tweets can be seen by people from all over the world. As with any academic conference, it allows you to present your work, network with people in the field and catch up with others, all without the hassle of travelling and while reaching a wider audience.

The conference chair will be our projects Twitter account @FIThydroproject. Follow us so you don’t miss it! This account will tweet out the conference schedule and other announcements previous to the conference, and on the day, introduce all presenters and retweet their first Tweet.

How do I join?

You may join as a presenter or as a participant.

If you are interested in being a spectator only, just search for the #HydroFish2020 hashtag to see all posts related to the conference. We will also retweet the first Tweet of every presentation with our @FIThydroproject account. We will publish a programme beforehand, where you can find the times, presenters and titles of all presentations.

You are also encouraged to get involved and interact with presenters and other spectators! In this case, all you need is a Twitter account. If you don’t already have one, you can easily sign up at www.twitter.com. Interacting by asking questions, re-tweeting interesting presentations and liking Tweets is an important part of the conference. You can also participate by presenting your research.

How can I present my work?

HydroFish2020 presenters are invited to condense their research into a 10 Tweet Thread. Each presenter is given a timeslot of 20 min. to present their work (10 – 15 min. to present their work and 5 – 10 min. to answer questions). Presenters can aid their presentation by including visuals (slides, graphs, pictures), video elements and links (to publications, further information etc.).

To be considered as a presenter, you only need to fill out a short application form with information on your research and the topic of your talk - no extensive abstract needed!
The application deadline was the 06.10.2020.

Important dates

17.09.2020  Application submission opens

01.10.2020  Application submission deadline

06.10.2020 Extended application deadline

20.10.2020  Twitter conference

Rules & Guidelines

  • The organisers will compose a programme and allocate accepted applicants a 20 min. time slot for their presentation.
  • Each presentation consists of no more than 10 Tweets.
  • The Tweets are published as a Twitter Thread and should be numbered (1/10, 2/10).
  • The first Tweet of the Tread MUST include the conference hashtag #HydroFish2020. It is highly recommended to also include the conference hashtag in all other Tweets, so that they can better be found by participants.
  • Tweets can contain pictures, PPT slides, video sequences and even links to sources or papers, but the presentation should be understandable by just reading the tweets.
  • The audience can comment and ask questions to the presenter by using the official hashtag #HydroFish2020. We encourage you to get involved and interact with presenters and other spectators.
    While the main discussion should happen before the next presentation begins, it may continue even after the conference.

You can find more details and tips on how to present your research in the #HydroFish2020 Presenters' Guide.

Do you have questions? Get in contact with us at hydrofish2020@fithydro.eu.