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Presentation TitlePresenter(s)Slides (PDF)Recording (youtube)
Keynote 1: Sustainability in hydropower today and future outlookMaría Ubierna, IHAClick hereClick here
1.1 FIThydro Decision Support System and FIThydro wikiRichard Noble, UHULL and Bendik Hansen, SERClick hereClick here
1.2 Finding Cost-effective mitigation measures for fish in hydropower riversAna Adeva-Bustos, SERNot available*Not available*
1.3 Public acceptance of alternative hydropower solutionsTerese Venus, TUMClick hereClick here
1.4 Highlights from AMBER project – Adaptive Management of Barriers in European RiversCarlos Garcia de Leaniz, Swansea UniversityClick hereClick here
1.5 Highlights from HYPOSO project – Hydropower solutions for developing countries Ingo Ball, WIP Renewable EnergiesClick hereClick here
1.6 Highlights from Hydro4U – Hydropower in Central AsiaMarkus Reisenbüchler, TUMClick hereClick here
Keynote 2: Challenges and opportunities in assessing responses and resilience of various fish species and populations in hydropower-affected riversChris Katopodis, Katopodis Ecohydraulics LTD.Click hereClick here
2.1 Use and test of European Fish Hazard IndexRuben van Treeck, IGBClick hereClick here
2.2 Cumulative Impact AssessmentIan Cowx, UHULL Click hereClick here
2.3 Relative risks of mortality and injury for fish during downstream passage at hydroelectric dams in temperate regionsDirk Algera, Carleton UniversityClick hereClick here
2.4 Fish tests and field campaigns in and around hydropower plantsArmin Peter, FCOClick hereClick here
2.5 Highlights from SUDOANG project: Tools and methods that contribute to the conservation of the European eel and its habitat in the SUDOE areaPierre Sagnes, OFBClick hereClick here
Keynote 3: Innovation and research in HydropowerPeter Rutschmann, TUMClick hereClick here
3.1 Monitoring bedload diversion through a vortex tubeCristina Rachelly, ETH ZürichClick hereClick here
3.2 Measuring the severity of downstream passageJeffrey Tuhtan, TTUClick hereClick here
3.3 Curved-bar racks for downstream fish passageClaudia Beck, IUB Engineering, ETH ZürichClick hereClick here
3.4 Horizontal bar rack bypass systems for downstream fish passageJulian Meister, Axpo Power, ETH ZürichClick hereClick here
3.5 Low bar spacing solutions for downstream migrationLaurent David, PprimeClick hereClick here
3.6 Efficiency of downstream passage devices to protect Atlantic salmon smolt and European silver eels at small to medium hydropower plantsSylvie Tomanova, OFBClick hereClick here
4.1 Hydropeaking Impact Assessment toolIsabel Boavida, IST-ID, Atle Harby, SERClick hereClick here
4.2 Agent based model in CASiMiRMatthias Schneider, SJEClick hereClick here
4.3 Innovative laboratory approaches to assess the turbine passage effects on conventional and pumped hydropowerLuiz da Silva, IfU, ETH ZürichNot available*Click here
4.4 Influence of operation modes and fish behaviour on fish passage through turbines – simple and advanced modelling methodsUlli Stoltz, VoithClick hereClick here

5.1 Highlights from Hydropower Europe project - achieve a research and innovation agenda and a technology roadmap for the hydropower sectorAnton Schleiss, ICOLD, EPFLClick hereClick here
5.2 Discussing fish-friendly hydropower across Europe - Stakeholder feedback to FIThydroEleftheria Kampa, Ecologic InstituteClick hereClick here

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