Hyposo - Hydropower Solutions

The HYPOSO Project, coordinated by WIP Renewable Energies (Germany),  aims at supporting the European hydropower industry and stimulating the energy transition in developing and emerging countries.

In the research and innovation project funded by the European Horizon 2020 programme, 13 project partners from Europe, Africa and Latin America work together to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase the share of renewable energy through sustainable hydropower solutions and rural electrification in the target countries Bolivia, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador and Uganda
  • Promotion of the innovative European hydropower industry
  • Better investment conditions in the target countries
  • Policy recommendation papers
The international HYPOSO consortium at the KOM in October 2019 (© Kenfack)

The HYPOSO objectives will be achieved by a combination of tools and activities.

  • Framework analyses with regard to small hydropower up to 10 MW for selected target countries (Bolivia, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador and Uganda);
  • Mapping of more than 2,000 potential hydropower sites in the target countries with a geo information system (GIS) mapping tool, the HYPOSO Map;
  • Capacity building – development of a Knowledge and Capacity Development (KCD) tool for capacity building of local stakeholders (i.e. hydropower professionals – young and senior, political deciders);
  • In cooperation with local experts and political stakeholders, elaboration of 15 dedicated business case studies of SHP projects with a focus on local financing, leading to at least 5 signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between stakeholders from target countries and the European hydropower sector.
  • Online platform – the HYPOSO Platform brings together hydropower stakeholders from the European Union with their counterparts in the HYPOSO target countries

So far, the framework analyses for the target countries were completed, and the HYPOSO Map was technically prepared (by VDU from Lithuania). The mapping of the sites will be carried out until the end of the project. The capacity building activities (IHE Delft, Netherlands) are in the final stages of preparation and will be carried out firstly in Africa when the Covid-19 situation allows it (earliest in early 2021). Work on the business cases has started with the identification of best potential sites (Studio Frosio, Italy). The pandemic poses challenging conditions for this plan.

HYPOSO's first progress meeting, around the world (virtual) in March 2020
Due to the pandemic, an unusual yet unique group foto of the first Progress Meeting – from 3,000 masl to sea level (© HYPOSO project)

The HYPOSO Platform, an online meeting place for stakeholders from the EU as well as from the target countries is open for interested companies, institutions and/or organisations.

An image video about the EU hydropower industry was published this spring. In autumn of this year, a handbook about the European hydropower industry will be produced in which the most recent findings, also from other H2020 projects, will be published (EREF, Belgium).

Stakeholders are invited to join the HYPOSO LinkedIn discussion group (HYPOSO-Hydropower Solutions) and/or follow the project at twitter (@HyposoEU). Both channels can also be accessed via the website https://www.hyposo.eu/en/home/, which further informs about ongoing project activities.

It is planned that from 2021 on, if the pandemic will allow it, several events will be carried out in the target countries with matchmaking events for EU and local stakeholders in Uganda and Colombia, as well as in Europe. The HYPOSO newsletter will inform in about the upcoming events.  

Visit of the HYPOSO consortium at the hydro test facilities of TUM in Obernach
The HYPOSO consortium visiting the hydro test facilities VAO of the Technical University of Munich in Obernach (© Steller)

The HYPOSO team