What does Forest Service in India have to do with hydropower in Spain?

A trainee group of Indian Forest Services Officers visited the University of Valladolid to learn more about ongoing research projects and activities. As part of their training prior to starting their service for the Indian Government, the Indian Forest Service Officers are travelling through Europe to look at best practice examples. During this tour they also visited the Higher Technical School for Agrarian Engineering of the University of Valladolid (Palencia, Spain) in March.

At the University they were welcomed by the campus deputy chancellor Amalia Rodríguez, the school principal Josefina Vila and the deputy director of international relations Belén Turrión. They then toured the different facilities and departments of the Campus, including the Hydraulics and Hydrology lab.

We, Francisco Javier Bravo Córdoba and Ana García Vega from GEA-ITAGRA, delivered a short talk about their research activities and ongoing projects. We also introduced the FIThydro project, its goals and possible outcomes. As future Government workers, we tried to make them aware of the importance of collaboration among different stakeholders (e.g. river authorities, HPP operators, anglers and society in general) for the success of a project.

In addition, we also showed them some of the materials we use during field experiments*, such as fish tags (PIT, radio, elastomer), antenna systems for fish monitoring, fish traps, electrofishing equipment, invertebrate analysis, etc. It was surprising to know the existence of this type of training and we greatly enjoyed the questions and discussions about what is done in our different countries.

*You can find more information and picture on the field work in Spain on the Guma & Vadocondes Test Case site.

Discussing research activities and practices with the Indian Forest Service Trainees during their visit to the Hydraulics and Hydrology lab at the University of Valladolid

Ana García Vega
Picture rights: GEA-ITAGRA & ETSIIAA-UVa