Deliverable NumberTitleLead beneficiaryDue Date (months)
D1.1Metadata overview on fish response to hydropowerEV INBO12
D1.2Risk classification of European lampreys and fish speciesTUM24
D1.3Fish Population Hazard IndexFVB.IGB36
D1.4Cumulative Impact AssessmentUHULL40
D2.1A List of solutions, models, tools and devices, their application range on a regional and overall level, the identified knowledge gaps and the recommendations to fill theseCNRS24
D2.2Working basis of solutions, models, tools and devices and identification of their application range on a regional and overall level to attain self-sustained fish populationsCNRS30
D3.1Guidelines for mortality modellingTUM36
D3.3Guidelines for fish behaviour assessment at HPPsIST48
D3.4Enhancing and customizing technical solutions for fish migrationETH Zürich48
D4.1A classification system for methods, tools and measures for improvements measuresSER24
D4.2Functional application matrix for identification of potential combinations of improvements measuresSER36
D4.3General cost figures for relevant solution, methods and toolsSER42
D4.4General strategies to optimize production under given environmental restrictions or measures that influences production schedulesSER46
D4.5A set of general applicable effectiveness measures for solutions, methods and tools implemented to improve fish sustainability in regulated rivers and a cost/effectiveness matrix for a set of combined solutions, methods and toolsSER48
D4.6Overview of relevant information on cost/ effectiveness in regard implemented and possible measures to maintain or improve sustainability of fish population in the selected case studiesSER48
D4.7A cost effectiveness matrix for the selected case study rivers and a similar matrix for potential new hydro power schemes of different characteristicsSER48
D5.1Review of policy requirements & financing instrumentsEI12
D5.2Stakeholder feedback on tools and products of FIThydroEI12
D5.3Public acceptance of alternative hydropower solutionsEI36
D5.4Decision support system integrating technical solutions and guidelines from WP2 and 3, cost- effectiveness from WP4 and social/political aspects from WP5UHULL40
D6.1Development of a Corporate identityTUM6
D6.3Communication & Dissemination StrategyTUM6
D6.4Intermediate Exploitation plan documentsEI24
D6.5Plan for dissemination and exploitation of the project's resultsTUM36
D6.6Press release for disseminationTUM18
D6.7Stakeholder event for disseminationTUM30
D6.8Publication and press release for exploitation and disseminationTUM48
D7.1Project Management PlanTUM2
D7.2Communication Strategy among the partnersTUM6
D7.3Set-up of a data and file sharing platformTUM12
D7.4Project Management Plan First RevisionTUM16
D7.5Project Management Plan Second RevisionTUM28
D7.6First phase progress reportTUM18
D7.7Planning and organization of the different board meetingsTUM6
D7.8Second phase progress reportTUM30
D7.9Third phase and final progress reportTUM48