During the two days of the workshop people from universities, authorities and companies gathered in Stockholm to hear about and discuss FIThydro in the Scandinavian region. Approximately 35 people joined and contributed to very good and intensive discussions. Overall the workshop was appreciated and served as a good opportunity to create new and recreate old connections.

Participants and topics

The talks were presented by work packages leaders from FIThydro, members of other projects as SafePass and from Universities and Scandinavian hydro power companies. The result was a good mix when it comes to diverse knowledge and experiences. The participants of the workshop came from Hydropower companies, universities, authorities, consultants and planners.
To mention some of the topics:
  • non-salmonid species and hydropower,
  • grayling and habitats in regulated rivers,
  • river basin management,
  • Swedish legislation and
  • a more detailed description of the Scandinavian case, Anundsjö, and the work of FIThydro there

Main concerns and discussion outcome

The workshop offered the opportunity to compare different countries and their regulations. It further allowed to compare and discuss how to implement the Water Frame Directive, discuss problems which are shared all over Europe and some which are unique in specific countries. Both, good and less good examples, were part of the experience exchange and discussed in an open and productive way. Issues of main concern can be seen in fish migration in variouse types, in implementaion of the WFD in general and athering social acceptance and awareness. Further information can be found here


Angela Odelberg (Statkraft)