World Fish Migration Day is a one day event to create worldwide awareness of the importance of freshwater migratory fish and open rivers for the general public, students and their teachers, resource managers and engineers, and commercial and recreati onal anglers, as well as those individuals who influence public policy that affect rivers. It is a global initiative with activities organized to reach people from all over the world and is free and open to everybody.

Breaking barriers: European connectivity projects in the Iberian region (ITAGRA-GEA)
In these sessions, two H2020 (FIThydro and Amber) and three Life+ (MedWetRivers, Cipríber and Miera) international projects were presented. We discussed the current situation of fish migration, anthropic impacts on it and possible mitigation measurements (find attached the program of the event).

The event was celebrated on April 25 in the auditorium of the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Valladolid (Palencia, Spain) and over thirty people were in attendance (find attached some pictures of the event). Also, the local TV “La 8 Palencia” made an interesting documentary (in Spanish) about our WFMD event ( )
Short notice: Javier Sanz Ronda participated in the WFMD event entitled “AMBER & Dam Removal Europe:  Opening barriers in European rivers”, organized by our cooperating project AMBER and celebrated in Madrid on April 16. There, he talked about environmental adaptation of hydropower and presented the FITHydro project ( ).

Celebration of World Fish Migration Day at TUM (TUM)

For this event, celebrated on April 20, we organized a scientific exhibition introducing the general topic, problems, challenges and current research as the FIThydro project to students of TUM but also the interested public. In addition we offered the change to make the “happyfish”, the logo of the WFMD, with paper, glitter, beads etc. and participate with this at the WFMD contest. We may proudly announce that two winners came out of our event ( ).

Happy Fishes produced at the TUM WFMD event
Ana García-Vega (ITAGRA-GEA), Kordula Schwarzwälder and Hany Abo El Wafa (TUM)