The 4th Regional Stakeholder workshop of FIThydro took place on 10-11 September 2018 in Augsburg, Germany. This was the last in a series of four regional workshops, with exchanges having already taken place for the France/Belgium region, Scandinavia, and the Iberian Peninsula.
In the three countries of the alpine region represented in the workshop (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), hydropower is a vital component of energy production.

Participants and topics

The workshop gathered 39 participants from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, including scientific partners of the FIThydro consortium, hydropower producers, research institutes, technical/engineering consultants and authorities.
The workshop was divided into five sessions addressing the following topics:

  • Ecology of endemic species: fish population hazard, ecological monitoring, experiences from test cases
  • Sediments and habitats: sediment continuity and management, habitat-related sediment work, integrative sediment work in alpine reservoirs
  • Compensational habitats: ecological functions of fish bypasses, compensation measures and monitoring, compensatory habitats in large impoundments
  • Fish migration: downstream migration perspectives and challenges, case studies on upstream migration
  • Combination of mitigation strategies & socio-economic/policy challenges for decision-making: experiences in Switzerland and Austria, FIThydro public acceptance surveys

These topics were chosen according to the relevant activities and interests of the various actors involved in hydropower in the Alpine region. A moderated discussion followed the presentations of each session, so that participants could express their concerns, expectations, and priority interests related to the topic and the FIThydro project.

Discussion outcome and further information

The workshop successfully served as an exchange from a practitioner’s perspective on what can be accomplished in FIThydro. The discussion and comments were fruitful and lively, providing a variety of perspectives and insights from the stakeholders.
A summary of the discussions and key conclusions of the workshop are provided in the Summary Report from this workshop. Further information, the presentations and other documentation relevant to this workshop are available here.

Eleftheria Kampa (EI)