ECoENet is an international research network of graduate students and early career researchers (ECRs) working within Ecohydraulics and the wider river science. ECoENet aims to help ECRs find opportunities and overcome challenges as they begin their academic or professional careers. We have placed emphasis on holding workshops where we involve ECRs in participatory sessions focused on the identification of challenges and opportunities, either from their individual experiences or following ideas provoked by invited keynote speakers. ECoENet aims to develop a platform to support ECRs with tools and resources. Through our close association with the ecohydraulics and wider river science communities, our members can have a real impact on the future direction of water research for the benefit of academic knowledge and environmental management outcomes.

Following a successful first workshop at the International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (ISE 2016, Melbourne, Australia), we identified that ECRs need to develop their careers on an international scale in a way that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries (Wilkes et al., 2016).

Our second workshop was held at ISE 2018, Tokyo, Japan, in August 2018 and focused on the topic “Interdisciplinarity in Ecohydraulics: an early career perspective”. We involved key senior scientists with differentiated backgrounds, including Greg Pasternack (geomorphology), Fiona Dyer (ecology and social sciences), Dr Eva Enders (fish ecology), Michael Stewardson (water resources management); and key Ecohydraulic community members with a long-standing involvement at ISE including HydroFit member Alte Harby, Thom Hardy and Francisco Martinez-Capel. The outcomes of our last workshop provided opportunities to strengthen the relationship between ECRs and the senior ecohydraulic community and to establish a specific set of actions that will support the interdisciplinary development in the ecohydraulics field of research. Following the success of both workshops, we are also planning to hold a third ECR workshop at ISE2020, Lyon, France.

Whether you are an early or a senior researcher, we invite you to join our network. Get in touch!
Twitter: @ecoenet