Executive Summary
From November 21st until November 23rd, 2016, the FIThydro project coordinator, TUM chair of Hydraulic and Water Resources engineering (TUM-WB, Prof Rutschmann), has conducted the Kick-off event for the Horizon 2020 Project “FIThydro”, a project in the renewable energies call of the EU: Around 50 scientists from 26 partner Organizations –in addition to an international scientific advisory board- have met at the TUM Science and Study Centre Raitenhaslach. The topic of FIThydro is hydropower, its impacts on ecology in general and fish in specific, investigating possible and most cost efficient mitigation measures and the development of a decision support system for politicians and other decision makers. The consortium seeks to address these issues by monitoring and developing 13 test cases (existing hydropower plants) in Scandinavia, the Alpine area, Switzerland, France/Belgium and the Iberian Peninsula. The project coordination and management of FIThydro will be done by TUM- WB. 

Date: 21-23/11/2016

Location: TUM science and study centre Raitenhaslach, Germany

Type of meeting: First general Assembly meeting and Kick-off event for the FIThydro project which included the Steering committee and the Case study management board meetings

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  1. CSMB Meeting Minutes
  2. EEAB Report
  3. EEAB Report CO Actions
  4. SC Meeting Minutes
  5. GA Meeting Minutes