FIThydro Briefs

FIThydro Policy Brief

The FIThydro Policy Brief presents summaries of selected key outputs from the FIThydro project, which are relevant for policy makers, managers and operators involved in the commissioning and operation of hydropower plants.

Policy Brief
Fish-friendly Innovative Technologies for Hydropower:
Key outputs from the FIThydro project


FIThydro Market Conditions Brief

What are the current market conditions for innovative fish-friendly hydropower technologies and what can be expected in the near future?
This FIThydro Brief examines the future demand for fish-friendly hydropower in Europe by examining the impact of EU-level and national policy changes, international economic developments and rising social and environmental concerns.

Market Conditions Brief
Scoping the market for fish-friendly hydropower technologies: recent developments, future expectations


Reports on the FIThydro Stakeholder Workshops

Regional Stakeholder Feedback to FIThydro
How are we addressing it?

Summary Report
1. Regional Stakeholder Workshop

Summary Report
2. Regional Stakeholder Workshop
Iberian Peninsula

Summary Report
3. Regional Stakeholder Workshop

Summary Report
4. Regional Stakeholder Workshop
Alpine Region