Outcomes of the FIThydro Regional Stakeholder Workshops

The involvement of stakeholders in FIThydro is one of the underlying principles the project is built on. In 2018, FIThydro therefore hosted regional stakeholder workshops in the four European regions of the project, France & Belgium, the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia, and the Alpine region. The aim of these workshops was, to offer a platform for consultation and exchange between FIThydro scientists and stakeholders who are external to the project.

The discussions centred on the major issues, key problems and open questions relevant for the assessment and planning of ecological compatible hydropower production in each region as well as the approaches and solution applied to address these. Additionally, recommendations and request to the work of FIThydro were collected.

Approximately 30 to 40 participants attended each workshop. The participants were a mix of authorities involved in hydropower plant authorization processes, policy-makers in the water and energy sector, hydropower plant (HPP) operators, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), consultants/planners and the research community.

The workshops were especially helpful in gaining the practitioners’ perspective on the scientific work carried out within the FIThydro project and in showing the variety of approaches and solutions used in different regions in Europe.

The key problems identified by the stakeholders and their main recommendations to FIThydro are being used in an ongoing way by the project to fine-tune the content of the upcoming technical deliverables of the project. Across the different topics discussed, approximately 70% of the stakeholder recommendations and requests to the project can be addressed or partly addressed in the research work-programme of FIThydro.

The details on the different topics and how the recommendations are being addressed in FIThydro can be found in the Stakeholder Feedback Report.

Eleftheria Kampa (EI), Lea Berg (TUM)
Picture rights: TUM