This October, students from the municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar visited the Bragado hydropower plant (Portugal) and learned all about hydropower production, rivers and fish.

On 31st October, a guided tour to Bragado hydropower plant was carried out by FIThydro partner Hidroerg and IST to show the students the workings of hydropower plants and the research carried out there. The group of 26 11th grade geography students from the local high school and 23 2nd & 3rd year industrial maintenance and electro-mechanical students form the professional school was eager to practically experience the topics and explore the hydropower plant.

The day was spent visiting the  power house, viewing the hydraulic circuit and exploring the nearby river stretch. The tours were led by technical and environmental staff from Hidroerg and researchers from IST, who showed and explained the design of a hydropower plant and its main generation equipment, the local river characteristics and our scientific project’s main goals and methods.

Through the visit, the students were able to get to know the components and operation mode of a hydropower plant as well as the FIThydro research activities carried out at the plant in a parctical way.

You can find more information and pictures on the research at Bragado on the Bragado Test Case site.

Author: Pedro Eira Leitão
Picture rights: Hidroerg

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