Webinar recording: Smart Ways to Improve River Connectivity

8 talks, nearly 600 participants, + 65 countries: The AMBER & FIThydro webinar “Smart Ways to Improve River Connectivity” took place on Monday 29.06.2020. We would like to thank everyone who attended the webinar, and are grateful for the positive feedback we received and your interest in our projects!

During the webinar, the speakers from the AMBER and FIThydro projects as well as the European Commission discussed the tensions caused by the need to draw water and generate hydropower from European Rivers and the impacts dams and other barriers have on ecosystems and habitats. They further introduced novel technologies and adaptive management tools to help restore stream connectivity and mitigate hydropower impacts in more efficient ways.

In case you’ve missed the webinar, the recording is now available online!

It features many results from the AMBER and FIThydro projects. You can find an overview of our main project outputs in the FIThydro Policy Brief. The AMBER Project also launched its Barrier Atlas and the Let It Flow magazine, which you can download for free.

You can watch the full recording of the webinar on Youtube and download the presentations.