4-5 June 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Workshop Date: 4-5 June 2018
Information: This workshop was organised in the context of FIThydro (Fishfriendly Innovative Technologies for Hydropower, http://www.fithydro.eu/). FIThydro is a 4-year EU-funded research project, which aims to support decisions on commissioning and operating hydropower plants (HPP) by use of existing and innovative technologies. The project concentrates on cost-effective environmental solutions and strategies to avoid individual fish damage and to support the development of self-sustainable fish populations in hydropower affected rivers. Methods, tools and devices are ap-plied and evaluated at test sites all over Europe, covering four regions: Scandinavia, Alpine re-gion, north-west Europe and the Iberian Peninsula.
This workshop was the third in a series of 4 regional workshops and served as a platform for consultation and exchange between FIThydro scientists, stakeholders and water users involved or affected by hydropower production in the Scandinavian region. The workshop mainly addressed authorities involved in HPP authorization processes, HPP operators, consultants, plan-ners, fisheries associations, environmental organisations and the research community.
The workshop and the FIThydro project as a whole are key to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) as well as meeting the objectives of energy policy.
At this event, key aspects of the FIThydro work-program was presented and participants were invited to give their feedback and highlight, from their perspective, the key open issues on the assessment and planning of fish-friendly hydropower production.
Workshop Topics (tentative) Topics at the workshop have included:
• Ecology of species other than salmon and trout
• Flows & habitats
• Downstream fish migration
• Combination of mitigation strategies & challenges for decision-making
Host Organization: SINTEF Energy Research
Venue: Energiforsk (Olof Palmes gata 31, 111 22, Stockholm)
Programme: Programme available here

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Contacts Contact persons for the workshop:
Atle Harby, SINTEF Energy Research
Angela Odelberg, Statkraft
Gallery: Photos are available here
Workshop Summary Report Summary Report available here
Presentation slides Presentation PDF slides can be found here