Storforsen waterfall in the Pite River

The importance of strategic planning, measures and governance for sustainable hydropower

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management organised a workshop on "Sustainable hydropower" in a scenic venue in northern Sweden 12-14 June.

The main goal was to present and discuss how to improve the environmental conditions in rivers affected by hydropower. Talks and discussions on integrated planning, mitigation measures and governance all concluded that multi-disciplinary approaches taking both a holistic view on the whole river system and the increased need for flexible renewable energy production, are essential for fighting climate change and maintaining healthy ecosystems. FIThydro results was pointed at in several presentations and Atle Harby also showed how FIThydro works with mitigation measures in his talk.

The delegates were also given the opportunity to visit some hydropower dams where new mitigation measures were installed, such as the new upstream fish passage made of composite materials.

Author: Atle Harby, Sintef
Picture rights: Atle Harby, Sintef

New upstream fish passage made in composite material
Top picture: Storforsen waterfall in the Pite River

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