24-25 January 2018, Meudon (Paris), France

Location: Meudon (Paris), France
Workshop Date: 24-25 January 2018
Host Organization: CNRS-Agence Française pour la Biodiversité
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On the 24th and 25th January 2018, the first Regional stakeholder workshop took place in Meudon, near Paris, in the context of the FIThydro project. This workshop gathered stakeholders from one of the studied region: France/Belgium. It will be replicated in the other regions (Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia, Alpine region).

The overall topic was “A fish-friendly hydropower”. The aim of this meeting was to have exchanges between the FIThydro stakeholders, the operators, the scientists and legislators.

The workshop was organized in 4 sessions of presentations and exchanges with the following topics:

  1. Fish populations and habitats: functionality of habitat in bypassed reach or reach influences by hydropeaking
  2. Sediment transport
  3. Existing, innovative methods and technologies for fish-friendly hydropower (upstream and downstream migration)
  4. Cost-effectiveness assessment of mitigation strategies and policy/socio-economic challenges for decision-making

These topics were chosen according the interest in the region. In each session, a FIThydro contributor presented the FIThydro activities linked to the session. Then 1 to 4 speakers from France or Belgium presented their feedbacks. At the end of each session, the participants had 30 minutes to debate and to express their expectations regarding the topic and the project.

The aim was to get some feedback from the stakeholders in order to provide some guidance to the project according to their needs. During this workshop they highlighted some points of interest which could be treated in the project.

The participants were brought to reflect according to 3 axes:

  • What do you consider as the major issues (key problems, open questions) relevant to the assessment and planning of ecologically compatible hydropower production in the region of north-west Europe (France/Belgium)?
  • What approaches and solutions are applied to address the key problems and open issues in the region of north-west Europe (France/Belgium)?
  • What are your recommendations or requests to the work-programme of FIThydro?

These questions allowed numerous exchanges between the participants, promises of collaboration/exchanges, and generated a real interest from the producers.

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