Work Package 3

The innovation of solutions, models, tools and devices to assess self-sustained fish population(s) at the test case HPP in each of the four regions

[Months: 1-48]

Based on the application and failure or lack of existing solutions, methods, tools and devices (SMTDs) at the Test Case Sites, innovative SMTDs will be customized and developed for unresolved challenges being the protection of individual fish and the support of self-sustaining fish populations by pro-active improvement measures. Innovative SMTDs relate to spawning areas, to changes and optimizations in flow regimes and river morphology applying HP operational management and sediment management strategies. The survival rates of individual fish at the Test Case sites can be increased by optimizing upstream and downstream migration bypasses, by using innovative technical solutions or devices for migration and protection including fish-friendly turbines or by more dynamic and/or adapted turbine operation strategies. The planning and design, as well as the quantitative prediction of the probability of success of the respective beyond state-of-the-art improvement measures, require innovative monitoring and observation methods, new transdisciplinary software tools, and innovative HP solutions or technical devices to enhance the level of protection of fish for downstream and turbine passage.


  1. Enhancing and customizing habitat and mortality modelling tools
  2. Enhancing and customizing fish behaviour measurements
  3. Enhancing and customizing technical solutions for fish migration

Work Package 3 Deliverables

# Title Lead Date
D3.2 Tools for fish behaviour assessment 12 - SJE 31-Oct-19
D3.1 Guidelines for mortality modelling 1 - TUM 31-Oct-19
D3.4 Enhancing and customizing technical solutions for fish migration 5 - ETH Zürich 31-Oct-20
D3.3 Guidelines for fish behaviour assessment at HPPs 2 - IST 31-Oct-20