Work Package 4 Cost effective management strategies to improve the development of self-sustained fish populations at existing and new HPPs

WP4 collated and structures findings from WP1, WP2 and WP3. Combination of measures will be investigated in search of synergic effects and to reduce possible cumulative negative impacts due to hydro-power regulations. The measures will be related to cost of implementation and operation and estimated effectiveness. Task 4.1 will elaborate a methodology for efficient implementation of improvements measures in affected environments. The methodology will be organized in two main sections. The first will describe how to make a diagnosis, and the second the types of design solutions and combination of solutions available for achieving self-sustained fish population in regulated rivers. In 4.2 the cost will be estimated using experience values and estimates based on literature and by doing simulation of the hydropower system to estimate effects on the hydropower production. These methods and information will be applied to the test cases and be basis for recommendations to the hydropower industry and possible commercialization in WP5 and WP6.


  1. To identify potential combinations for improvement measures
  2. To assess the costs and benefits of potential combinations of improvement measures
  3. To develop scenarios and apply improvement measures for existing and new HPPs

Work Package 4 Deliverables

Lead DateLink
D4.1A classification system for methods, tools and measures for
improvements measures
WP48 - SER31-Oct-18
D4.2Functional application matrix for identification of potential combinations of improvements measuresWP48 - SER31-Oct-19
D4.3General cost figures for relevant solution, methods and toolsWP48 - SER30-Apr-20
D4.4General strategies to optimize production under given environmental restrictions or measures that influences production schedulesWP48 - SER31-Aug-20
D4.5A set of general applicable effectiveness measures for solutions, methods and tools implemented
to improve fish sustainability in regulated rivers and a cost/effectiveness matrix for a set of combined solutions, methods and tools
WP48 - SER31-Oct-20
D4.6Overview of relevant information on cost/ effectiveness in regard implemented and possible measures to maintain or improve sustainability of fish population in the selected case studiesWP48 - SER31-Oct-20
D4.7A cost effectiveness matrix for the selected case study rivers and a similar matrix for potential new hydro power schemes of
different characteristics
WP48 - SER31-Oct-20