WP5 Stakeholder involvement & decision-support system

WP5 aims to support decision-making in planning, commissioning and operation of hydropower plans by means of a participatory process for the development of end-user tailored decision-support. This is done partly on the basis of inputs on physical effects, mitigation options and their evaluation in previous WPs:

  • To identify opportunities, barriers and challenges related to policies and financing instruments for the planning and operation of HPP
  • To identify stakeholder needs for information, tools and assessment methods to support decision-making
  • To identify perceptions and preferences of the wider public vis-à-vis the construction or conversion of HPP
  • To support decision-making processes in the planning, commissioning and operation stage of HPPs by developing a web-based interactive Decision Support System
  • To support the exploitation and business application of evaluation systems/models and new technologies that will be delivered by the project.