Work Package 6

Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

[Months: 1-48]

The cross-cutting WP6 is responsible for the communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project and its results. This process represents the transfer of research results and innovative technologies from all WPs to stakeholders, decision makers and the public. WP6 coordinates, plans and realises actions to distribute the gained information from the different WPs to the whole community engaged with hydropower and to any stakeholder affected through targeted measures, addressing the demands and requests for each stakeholder group. Additionally, the contextual conditions that influence the market uptake for innovative modelling tools and technical devices to be developed by FIThydro for the hydropower sector will be analysed and exploitation plans of selected technologies will be developed.


  1. To ensure a timely and efficient communication within the project consortium
  2. To disseminate and exploit the project results at different levels (international, European, national, regional) in the most efficient and effective way
  3. To communicate the project results in the identified target audiences and to develop communication strategy with respect to the argumentation lines of environmental ethics
  4. To increase visibility and awareness of issues related to environmentally friendly hydropower solutions
  5. To manage the processes for the protection of IPR, including confidential information and patents / Trademarks / copyrights

Work Package 6 Deliverables

# Title Lead Date
D6.1 Development of a Corporate identity 1 - TUM 30-Apr-17
D6.2 Website 1 - TUM 28-Feb-17
D6.3 Communication & Dissemination Strategy 1 - TUM 30-Apr-17
D6.4 Intermediate Exploitation plan documents 11 - EI 31-Oct-18
D6.5 Plan for dissemination and exploitation of the project's results 1 - TUM 31-Oct-19
D6.6 Press release for dissemination 1 - TUM 30-Apr-18
D6.7 Stakeholder event for dissemination 1 - TUM 30-Apr-19
D6.8 Publication and press release for exploitation and dissemination 1 - TUM 31-Oct-20