Work Package 7

Management of the Project

[Months: 1-48]

The overall objective of this WP is the scientific and administrative management of the project, i.e. to ensure the timely and correct implementation of the outlined project activities. This comprises an efficient communication management, financial and contractual project controlling, as well as the assessment and management of project risks.


  1. To develop an overall communication strategy and management of the project
  2. To develop a scientific technical management
  3. To develop an administrative technical management

Work Package 7 Deliverables

# Title Lead Date
D7.1 Project Management Plan 1 - TUM 31-Dec-16
D7.2 Communication Strategy among the partners 1 - TUM 30-Apr-17
D7.3 Set-up of a data and file sharing platform 1 - TUM 31-Oct-17
D7.4 Project Management Plan First Revision 1 - TUM 28-Feb-18
D7.5 Project Management Plan Second Revision 1 - TUM 28-Feb-19
D7.6 First phase progress report 1 - TUM 30-Apr-18
D7.7 Planning and organization of the different board meetings 1 - TUM 30-Apr-17
D7.8 Second phase progress report 1 - TUM 30-Apr-19
D7.9 Third phase and final progress report 1 - TUM 31-Oct-20